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Sex Addiction Treatment in Milford Twp - Milford, MI

Sex Addiction Treatment in Milford Twp - Milford, MI

What is Sex Addiction?

Sexual desire is a natural biological urge, but when this urge is taken to an extreme, it can produce negative consequences. Sexual addiction—also known as hypersexual disorder—is characterized as a progressive intimacy disorder caused by compulsive sexual thoughts and actions. Untreated compulsive sexual behavior can damage your self-esteem and relationships. With professional treatment and self-help, you can prevent these behaviors and manage urges.

A mental health professional can help to determine if you truly are addicted to sex. The level of sexual addiction varies from person to person. Some sex addicts may find they can't stop thinking about sex and neglect things to engage in sexual daydreams or activities. Others indulge in risky sexual behavior or go on binges in which they have sex with multiple partners, without any concern for their current relationship status.

Signs of Sex Addiction

Often times, the same compulsive behavior that characterize other addictions is typical of sexual addiction. However, unlike other addictions—like shopping, gambling and drug or alcohol dependency—sex addiction does not involve substances or activities that can be completely stopped. Sexual addiction is different because like the feeling of hunger, sexual desire is biological urge. Some people are able to be celibate - maybe for cultural or religious reasons - but in general, healthy people have a strong desire for sex. Low sex drive can sometimes indicate an underlying medical condition.

As is the case with other addictions, sex addicts often hide their behavior from spouses, partners, and family members. They do this by lying about their activities or engaging in them secretly—which makes sex addiction difficult to recognize. However, sometimes symptoms are present and noticeable. The most common signs of sex addiction include:

  • Extra-marital affairs or multiple affairs in a non-married relationship
  • Compulsive masturbation or stimulation
  • Excessive and consistent use of pornography
  • Prostitution or purchasing the services of a prostitute
  • Voyeurism or watching others have sex

Treatments for Sex Addiction

Since sex is a normal and healthy human function, treatment typically focuses on defining the difference between healthy and non-healthy sexual behavior, not celibacy. Many forms of treatment exist to help balance your life with healthy sexual relationships that do not hinge on being addictive. Treatment for sex addiction usually includes one or more of the following methods:

  • Inpatient treatment programs: These facilities offer a safe environment for recovering from a sexual addiction. This method allows patients to work with counselors and therapists in a quiet environment, eliminating any potential distractions that could derail treatment.
  • 12-step programs: Programs like Sex Addicts Anonymous (SA) follow the same recovery model as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). These programs promote self-control to stop compulsive and destructive sexual behavior.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy: This form of psychotherapy teaches you to correct irrational thoughts, beliefs and feelings that lead to unhealthy sexual behavior. By adopting a healthy mindset, patients can better understand and prevent unhealthy behaviors.
  • Medication: Because sex addiction often accompanies other mental health issues, a prescription treatment may assist in combating the cause of sexual addiction.
  • IV therapy: These therapies use patient-specific formulas containing amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and other substances designed to restore neurotransmitter balance and receptor function in the brain.

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